Jewish & Israeli Society

  • Cooking Up A Diverse Community. Tablet, February 2019

  • A (Facebook) Group for Every Jewish Interest. Hadassah, January 2019

  • Finding a New Path: Israel Wakes up to the Needs of Ex-Haredim. Tablet, November 2018

  • The Translator: Jeffrey M. Green. Hadassah, May 2018

  • What Happened to Israel's "New Haredim"? Tablet, February 2018 

  • A Place for the Disabled: On Stage and Screen, Tablet, December 2017

  • You've Made Aliyah. Now What? Tablet, October 2017

  • Saying No to Kids. Tablet, July 2017 

  • Fighting For Inclusion. Jerusalem Report, March 2017

  • In Israel, Religious Single Moms Gain Greater Acceptance. JTA, January 2017


  • 9 Real Working Moms Reveal How They Got Their Back-to-School Routine Down Pat. Working Mother, August 2018

  • The 9 Most Irritating Tasks Our Partners Don't Even Realize We Do, Working Mother, April 2018

  • Book Review: The Informed Parent. Brain, Child, April 2016

  • Carla Naumburg on Mindful Parenting and Why It's OK to Ignore Your Kid Sometimes. KvellerJanuary 2016


Psychology & Child Development

  • What Do Babies Know? IU Scientists Say "More Than you Think" Limestone Post, October 2018

  • Liberals Are From Mars, Conservatives Are From Venus. Scientific American MIND, May 2016

  • What Children Think of the Internet (and Why It Matters). New York Times, February 2015

  • Scientific Explanations for Why Spoilers are So Horrible. The Atlantic, March 2013

  • How To Read About Science. The AtlanticDecember 2013


  • Questions for Ari Ne'eman: Partnering with Participants., June 2015

  • Autism Grows Up. Scientific American MIND, January 2015

  • Could a 3-Year-Old Just "Disappear"? Why Parents Shouldn't Worry So Much About Regressive Autism. Slate, March 2014

  • Our Autism-Phobia. Salon, July 2013

  • Is It Possible to Recover from Autism? Scientific American MIND, July 2013 


  • If white parents want their kids to truly care about black lives, they should send them to school with black kids. Medium, June 2020

  • Father's Day Can Suck Just as Much as Mother's Day, Kveller, June 2018

  • Why Every Parent Should Join a Show Choir. Kveller, February 2018

  • A Hater's Guide to Disney World. Kveller, November 2017

  • 5 Things I've Learned as an Expat Parent. The Washington Post, September 2017

  • In Jerusalem, A Chance Encounter With My Deceased Mother. JTA, October 2016

  • On Enjoying a Failed Trip To New York With My Son., July 2016

  • How a Facebook Group Is Helping Me Plan My Family's Move to Israel. Kveller, July 2016

  • Don't Worry — All The Other Moms Are Faking It Too. Kveller, March 2016

  • Why I'm Moving My Family to Israel Despite the Violence. JTA, December 2015

  • Should We Pray For Healing When Death is Imminent? JTA, October 2015

  • Six Things Google Remembers About My Parenting That I'd Almost Forgotten., August 2015

  • Teaching My Son About The Real World, One Baby Step at a Time. Kveller, June 2015

  • Why I Stopped Saying the Prayer About God Deciding Who Lives and Who Dies. Tablet, September 2014

  • She Was Here. Literary Mama, May 2014

  • A Case for Old-Fashioned Condolences. Modern Loss, February 2014

  • Why I No Longer Hate Mother's Day. Slate, May 2013



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